September 03, 2020

Blue bike helmet

Pulling your phone out of a pocket to check directions every two minutes while riding a bicycle is incredibly inefficient, not to mention dangerous. It’s right up there with the “no texting while driving” rule. We have to do better. That’s why it’s worth getting yourself a handy smartphone holster or a navigation device designed just for bikes. 

Here are our top navigation solutions made with urban bike commuters in mind.


      • Quad Lock Smartphone Bike Kit, $60
      • Nite Ize Wraptor, $20
      • Beeline Velo, $129
      • SmartHalo 2, $129
      • Apple Watch Series 5, $400


        You’re already carrying around one of the best navigation systems out there. If simply attaching a smartphone to your bicycle is much more your speed, Quad Lock has just the thing. Its patented dual-stage lock securely attaches your phone to the mount and stays put even over bumps, which is ideal for road bikes dodging potholes and mountain bikes traversing rough terrain. The twist-and-lock functionality means you can quickly remove your device at every photo opp. Plus, you can fully customize your Quad Lock by choosing the universal fit kit or the kit specifically fits your device. 

        NITE IZE WRAPTOR, $20

        Casual bike commuters and bike share users alike might opt for a more portable and versatile smartphone holster that doesn’t require any tools. The Nite Ize Wraptor is a silicon model that wraps around your phone (hence the name) and mounts to your bicycle’s handlebar. This particular style offers full screen visibility unlike similar holster styles. The Wraptor’s design makes it effortless to go from landscape to portrait mode with a simple twist.   

        BEELINE VELO, $129 

        Simplicity meets functionality with the Beeline Velo device for bicycles that navigates and tracks speed, distance, and time. It’s waterproof, shockproof and even has reliable off-grid nav capabilities (no data required). The small round device wraps around the handlebar and serves as a digital compass leading you through crowded city streets or winding mountain bike trails. Just put a location into the accompanying app and let Velo do the rest. 

        SMARTHALO 2, $129

        We live in a “smart” world these days — lightbulbs, refrigerators, thermostats, security systems, watches, phones, the list goes on. Why wouldn’t our bicycles be smart, too? Turns out, there hasn’t been a ton of innovation in the “smart bike” space. SmartHalo aims to change that with its SmartHalo 2 device. It’s a navigation system, light, fitness tracker and more all wrapped up into one small bike computer. Better yet? It even has a built-in anti-theft alarm should any suspicious activity affect your ride. Now available for pre-order.

        APPLE WATCH SERIES 5, $400

        We’re all for streamlined designs, integrated functionality and versatility, which is why the Apple Watch Series 5 made the list. This tiny device has everything you need to bike hands-free while keeping your precious cargo (ahem, your smartphone) safely tucked away until you reach your destination. The Series 5 is ideal for urban commuters with its GPS turn-by-turn directions that give off a gentle buzz to keep you heading in the right direction and a built-in compass that moves with you as you pedal. This means you can navigate directly from the watchface. 

        Of course, safety is paramount. Once you get the nav gear figured out, protect that head of yours with a lightweight bike helmet to complement.

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