June 25, 2018

More like You

We’ve always loved to ride, but we could never shake the feeling that traditional cycling gear didn't match our personal styles. We didn't feel comfortable in most bike helmets' clunky and futuristic designs, and we found ourselves leaving our helmets behind when we headed out the door with our bikes.

You don't have to sacrifice style for safety (or vice versa)

We wanted to reframe peoples' mindsets about bike helmets. You don't have to sacrifice style for safety (or vice versa). We set out to change the perception around safety gear. That’s why we created Thousand – to design helmets that reflect you, no matter your personal style. Combining form and function, we strive to make products that are intuitive, fit seamlessly into your life, and feel more like you.

More Like You

Whether your style is more classic or custom, minimalist or maximalist, quiet or loud, Thousand is more like you.

Finally, a helmet you’ll actually want to wear.

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