July 17, 2020

MIPS bike helmet

When Thousand started on Kickstarter in 2015, we launched with the Heritage Collection, our homage to vintage moto helmets for casual riders. But even from the very beginning of the brand, I knew that we wouldn't stop there. 

Our mission is to make safety seamless to get you moving, and for us, that means making gear that is functional and convenient for riders of all levels.

That's why we created the Chapter Collection. With a classic, simple silhouette, the Chapter Collection was developed to combine performance, convenience, and safety for cyclists to commute around cities.



The Chapter Collection started taking shape in 2017. To start the process, we went up to Idaho to meet with our industrial designer and take the Chapter helmet from just a concept to a physical clay model. Together, we collaborated on optimizing on the helmet's shape, vent positioning, visor shape, and more for performance and style.

MIPS bike helmet


We spent over 3 years working on the Chapter helmet, constantly reevaluating its details to make sure it seamlessly combined style, safety, and convenience. One of the later feature additions to the Chapter Collection was its magnetic taillight. 


With visibility in mind, we created a 50 lumen light that can seamlessly transfer from your helmet to your bike/scooter etc, with a multi-use adapter. We understand that the way people are moving around cities is adapting, so we wanted to make sure we were designing product features that can flex with you. 


The light also turns on automatically when attached to the helmet or the adapter, so you can stick it on and hit the road right away.

Bike light


Our favorite part of the product development process is perfecting details. For the Chapter Collection, part of that involved working and re-working the visors. For the tortoise shell, we spent 9 months finding a way to replicate the organic tortoise shell details you see in eyewear. We explored different material and painting techniques (like hydro drip or screen print) until we had over 20 crazy looking “work in progress” samples of our process to show for it.... 


Eventually, we partnered with an eyewear factory to hand-paint the visors and achieve the richness we wanted.

MIPS bike helmet materials

From its integrated MIPS technology to the active ventilation, every detail of the Chapter Collection was meticulously crafted, with ongoing improvements made based off of your feedback. Thank you for helping us create gear that will keep you safe on the road, no matter how far, how often, or what vehicle you ride.

MIPS bike helmets

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