A Thousand Words, Volume 17

September 06, 2023

A Thousand Words, Volume 17

At Thousand, we're more than a helmet company—we're also humans who believe that by empowering people to safely get around their cities on a bike, board, or scooter, we build closer communities, travel more sustainably, and lead healthier lives.
That's why this month, we’re excited to highlight PeopleForBikes, a national bicycle advocacy organization that focuses on infrastructure, policy, and participation to become the best place to ride a bike in the world.

 The Great Bike Infrastructure Project is their latest initiative to build a more liveable future through thousands of bike projects across the country.

By activating community support and providing local leaders with the tools to build protected bike lanes, off-street trails, pump tracks, bike parks, and more, PeopleForBikes is ensuring Americans of all ages and abilities can experience the joy and safety of riding a bike wherever they live.

Explore the program yourself to find and support a project near you. Together, we can make biking better for everyone.

– GLORIA HWANG, Founder and CEO

BATTERY RECYCLING PROGRAM features "Watts", a creature that's hungry for e-bike batteries.

 2023 CITY RATINGS ranks and compares the best places to bike, so that cities can learn how to build more safe, fun, and connected places to ride across the U.S. 

RIDE SPOT APP breaks down the barriers to biking and shares routes and upcoming rides from local bike shops, advocacy groups, and other riders.

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